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EA Series

EA Series

EA Series

EA Series

EA Series


1. Magnesium aluminum alloy material, super light, super thin

2. High protection grade, front IP 65, rear IP 54

3. Standardize, serialize design, reduce warehousing costs, and save maintenance costs for later

4. Serial compatibility design: 4mm, 5mm, 6.7 mm, 8mm and 10mm

5. Standardized box: 960x960, standardized module: 320x160

6. Large visual Angle, high brightness, suitable for various environments.

Technical Parameter

LED TypeSMD1921SMD2727SMD3535SMD3535
Pitch (mm)45810
Module Resolution80x4064x3240x2032x16
Cabinet Resolution240x240192x192120x12096x96
Pixel Density( dots /m²)62500400001562510000
Cabinet size(LxWxH)( mm)960x960x132960x960x132960x960x132960x960x132
Module size(LxWxH)( mm)320x160320x160320x160320x160
MaterialDie-casting magnesium alloyDie-casting magnesium alloyDie-casting magnesium alloyDie-casting magnesium alloy
Module Qty (WxH)3x63x63x63x6
Weight(cabinet/ kg)31.5kg31.5kg30kg31kg
Weight( module/kg)0.570.55kg0.54kg0.5kg
Grey Scale(Bit)14141414
Refresh rate(Hz)840 (with two cards)960/with two cards9601440
Scan Mode1/101/81/51/2
White balancebrightness nit)5500600060006500
View angle( H/V°)140/100160/100140/100140/100
Input Voltage( V)AC220±10%AC220±10%AC220±10%AC220±10%
Frequency( Hz)50~6050~6050~6050~60
Max Power consumption( W/m²)110011408501000
Average power consumption(  W/m²)380450380400
Storage temperature( ℃)-40 - 60℃-40 - 60℃-40 - 60℃-40 - 60℃
Working temperature( ℃)-20 - 40℃-20 - 40℃-20 - 40℃-20 - 40℃
LED lifetime(hrs)100000100000100000100000
Fixed installationYYYY
Maintenance methodsRearRearRearRear

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